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    The Schools Co-operative Society and representatives from the wider SCS Network will post news and events below.

    An important part of our work is the contacts schools can make locally and regionally across our networks.

    Each region will also have its own method of keeping members up to date including newsletters and email contact and members should ensure they are in contact with their regional representative.

    We will also respond to key national news events and government policy by posting a news item in this area

Regional Development

The Society’s AGM, 16 January 2017 agreed to pursue regional capacity building for school support will be the main focus for 2017.

Regional managers (funded regionally) are identified now for most of the SCS Regions. There is a vibrant network operating in London and South-East regions (LASER) and emerging structures across the country.

Regional managers will be contacting schools through 2017 about how and to what extent to prioritise collaboration in each Region.

At the same time SCS will continue to provide a national voice to maintain and develop the reputation of co-operative schools

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