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    This section contains some answers to questions about the Schools Co-operative Society that may provide the information you are looking for. We are also more than happy to help you further.

    An important part of our work is the contacts schools can make locally and regionally across our networks and there are many other Co-operative Schools that would be happy to help.

    Each region will also have its own method of making contact and answering questions and members should ensure they are in contact with their regional representative.

    If you have a general enquiry then please get in touch using the contact page on this site

We Are a Co-operative School Who Has Been Told To Become an Academy, Can You Help?

SCS can offer advice and guidance to help you to navigate through a variety of options in the changing landscape. Whilst we are able to offer additional support and capacity which may be requested by the Regional Schools Commisioners we are not able to ‘defend’ a position or enter into a political discussion regarding the status of a particular school. The Education and Adoption Act clearly outlines the powers of intervention provided to the Secretary of State and their representatives and the options available should intervention be required.

Some regions offer a premium subscription which provides you with the support you will need at any given point in time with full access to our services and advice as well as those from our wider network of schools.

Our premium subscription services available in a growing number of our Regions includes:

  • Extra governance support and expertise
  • Access to central services at reduced cost e.g. procurement and marketing
  • Co-ordinated training and shared learning events on variety of aspects e.g. data,  leadership, co-operation
  • Co-operative co-ordination, guidance and input for  stakeholders including pupils and community
  • Group-wide advice, guidance and training on policy and legislation, including all relevant materials
  • Detailed support for times of particular need e.g. OFSTED visit
  • Job listings, promoted through the entire network

Our partners at the Co-operative College also provide school improvement services through the Co-operative Challenge


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