Schools Co-operative Society

  • Governance

    Democracy is a vital part of any co-operative. Educational co-operatives such as Co-operative Trust Schools and Co-operative Academies place a high emphasis on engaging the local stakeholders in their schools. This provides a sound basis to enable each school to develop strongly with its community.

    Individual staff, parents, learners and members of the local community will be able to use the democracy of their own local school or trust to feedback ideas and views upwards to SCS. As the Schools Co-operative Society is owned by its member schools and trusts, this provides our network with a unique difference compared with other networks.

    The Schools Co-operative Society is managed by a board of directors which are democratically elected as representatives of members of each of the regions in which we operate.

The SCS Board resolved in September 2016 to restructure the current Board in time for elections at the Annual General Meeting in Jan 2017.

The Regional SCS Network structure has expanded in recent years and the new Board will ensure equal democratic representation for all of the Regions.

Further details will be placed here as soon as they are available

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