Schools Co-operative Society

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    This section contains some answers to questions about the Schools Co-operative Society that may provide the information you are looking for. We are also more than happy to help you further.

    An important part of our work is the contacts schools can make locally and regionally across our networks and there are many other Co-operative Schools that would be happy to help.

    Each region will also have its own method of making contact and answering questions and members should ensure they are in contact with their regional representative.

    If you have a general enquiry then please get in touch using the contact page on this site

Can Individuals Join SCS?

There is an easy answer – NO. The Schools Co-operative Society is a secondary or federal co-operative which means that only other Co-operative Schools and similar organisations can become a member of  the society.

If you are an individual and want to support the work of the society them you can apply to join our ‘Register of Supporters’.

Although you would not be a member of SCS you would be able to support it and its aims. We understand how vital individuals are to any movement and we do want people who can help us develop into a real and valued force within education.

This register is not for companies or individuals who simply want to sell their services* to schools within our movement but to those who want to work towards our aims and are prepared to actively support us.

If you are interested in being considered for our register please contact us.

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