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    The Schools Co-operative Society is a member owned Co-operative, registered under the Industrial and Provident Society Act 1965, Registration Number: 31278R

    A co-operative is owned by its members. In our case we are owned by the many Co-operative Schools, Co-op Trusts and Co-op Academies across the country. Membership is therefore very important to us as an organisation.

    Our network provides support and challenge for co-operative schools of all types via its membership system. To allow for flexibility for schools with different needs, we offer four levels of membership with varying degrees of support.

    If you meet the criteria outlined below then joining SCS is as easy as clicking here and filling in your details.

Our co-operative structure makes us unique in the school education sector of the UK:

    • As we are owned by our members we are truly a ‘bottom up’ organisation that is created for our members and is designed to be responsive to their needs.
    • We are based upon a set of Co-operative Values and Principles that are internationally agreed and have been instrumental in transforming millions of lives across the world.
    • We are part of the U.K. Co-operative Movement and have unique links with the hundreds of other co-operative organisations in the UK.

In a co-operative:

    • each member has one vote in decision making regardless of their investment in the society.
    • new members can join on the same terms as the existing members.
    • are values are central to our work.
    • we ensure that stakeholders have a voice – for schools this means ensuring that key groups such as parents, staff and the local community have a say in the future of THEIR school.

Co-operative Schools and other educational co-operatives can apply to become members of the Schools Co-operative Society.

Examples include:-

  • schools that are part of or have, a Co-operative Trust
  • Co-operative Academies
  • schools that have adopted the Co-operative Values and Principles as their value structure and use these actively in their work.

If your school does not ‘quite’ fit into this criteria but you want to join or be part of SCS then do contact us – there are ways!

Other bodies within the educational co-operative sector can also apply to become members. These organisations will be either be ones that are registered as a Co-operative, or ones that can demonstrate that they have clear co-operative governance structures. They will have adopted Co-operative Values and Principles. Examples of these types of organisation are the Robert Owen Society and the Marches Consortium.

We understand how complicated the ‘co-operative world’ can be and this is especially true if you are new to the movement. If you would like to speak to someone about the work of the society or membership, before you apply please contact us – ideally by email and we will ring you back.


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